Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How can you design an effective solution for Cambodia?

Thinker: I read your rhetoric is nicely in output only, but I don't see any helpful input from your complaints.

Design solution for Cambodia in short term and long term period would be precisely for you if you want to help improve Cambodia.

Cambodia should develop genuine democracy, nation-state, the rule of law, and equity etc. All these are our targets and what measures that we can achieve them.

Demonstration, appealing, case of Hor Namhong, visiting US, or other activities are considered as part of SRP to achieve those targets. CPP has also changed some of their habit to achieve those goals as well.

But CPP has everything in hand, this party can decide to do or not to do. For instance, corruption law that CPP has no intention at all to achieve this bill. CPP has power and has every thing in hand, but what we have seen is that this party is continuing to distort, manipulate and support all activities that can prolong their power.

SRP is just a rival of CPP to legitimize their power in the use the brand name of democracy. But through its weakness as a competitor, SRP led by Rainsy has tirelessly struggled and bravely fought with the big monster of CPP.

For your position, what do you think of these two social driving forces in Cambodia? Or you are just ranting around with useless thinking?


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