Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Letter to Somdech Ta N. Sihanouk

Dear Somdech Ta,

I am younger Cambodian has been non-stoppingly disturbed by your political rhetorics and messages. I think you should write or express something valuable and reliable to instruct your Koun Chao.

Somdech Ta, according to my observing, you are good in labeling and segregating the political groups. The so-called Pol Potians, Lon Nolians, and Hun Senians have frequently, eloquently iterated by Som Dech Ta.

I don't understand what is your goal and political agenda to label Khmers with such different political groups in order to benefit Cambodia?

Now, you are not only lambasting Lon Nonians and Pol Potians, but you are absolutely siding with Hun Senians. As a glorious king, why you have to side with one group and abuse another group like this? I don't see any political maturity and good role model being expressed or iterated by you at all, Som Dech Ta.

I am frankly confessing that Som Dech Ta should spend the less time you have to write academic book or history book or short proverb book etc to leave it as your legacy for Cambodian younger generations to head a good future for Cambodia.

With Respectful!


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