Tuesday, April 1, 2008

National Constitution is the Main Organ of all Laws

This is a good opportunity to debate the law and law-strengthening in the case of this deadly grenade attack as well as other mass demonstrations.

Cambodian national constitution adopted during 1993 clearly stated the pluralism politics of free market of Cambodia to upgrade itself to the status of nation-state. Cambodian national constitution solemnly guarantees the freedom and human rights of Cambodians. Those freedoms and human rights significantly include the freedom of expressing, public assembling, and demonstrating.

This is essential that national constitution as the main organ of all branches of social law should be valued and respected by all leaders.

Who has been breaking the law in term of city law and national constitution. Phnom Penh municipality has intentionally claimed its excuse to safeguard or prevent public order. So that they have never permitted any demonstration or mass assembly.

But this municipal organization has never elaborated of how important to comply themselves with the national constitution.

In reality, the order of the public is just a political justification to ban demonstrations and to denounce them as illegal in order to arrest, to beat or to imprison.

In long term sustainable development of Cambodia in all fields namely politics, economics, and social surely require the "rule of law". Cambodia will not go far or advance under Hun Sen's leadership because he and his cronies are smart only in reserving and maintaining their personal interests and power. And their group have manipulated the law to use as their poltical tool all the time.

The statement of public order disruption from the Phnom Penh municipality is just the indicator of ineffectiveness of policemen, political leadership, democratic development, and political will.

Sam Rainsy or other unions have not done anything wrong or violation in term of national constitution; if it is wrong, it is wrong only that their activities whould lead to disturbing the power and interests of those corrupted and dictatorship leaders.

Cambodia should reserve better than that!


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