Saturday, April 5, 2008

Non-violent public demonstration is useful or not for Khmer society?

Non-violent public demonstration is the best choice to uphold democracy and sustain the principles of democracy. So does non-violent public demonstration is useful for Khmer society?

Simple answer is YES:
1. Providing public education in some constructive measurements suggested by demonstrators. In this case, SRP has intellectually proposed with their five solutions for the hike of commodities price ie low taxes of gasoline, halting commercial monopoly by cronies, adequate monetary policy, limit currency printing, and give back unused lands to the farmers. If government cannot follow these measurements, they have to increase salary to all workers, teachers, officers and others to equate the current price skyrocketing.

These five measurements are impregnable for the incorporation of opposition party with the government. It is only for the benefits of Cambodian peoples and their nation. It only helps the government to envision their sufficient public policy.

2. Political leaders surely require political will to transform themselves from "power-thirsty" to "nation-building". In this manner, non-violent public demonstration is just another effort to exercise genuine democratic principles that is solemnly guaranteed by Cambodian national constitution.

To achieve this principle, government requires political will and scarifying, and opposition party requires courageous and striving as Sam Rainsy has always stood on this vision.

3. Some previous negative causalities of non-violent public demonstrations such as grenade attacks, inhumiliating to mass protesters, and the burning down of Thailand embassy are the fault of authority, (not government or CPP because authority must be neutral to take advance of those issues), importantly authority failed to safeguard, protect, and prevent such causalities.

In sum, there are many ways to help develop our nation, and among those public opinion expression or non-violent demonstration is the cornerstone of genuine, democratic development in Cambodia. According to national constitution, non-violent demonstration doesn't require demonstrators to request for permission from Ministry of Interior, or Sam Rainsy would not say that Ministry of Interior admitted to hold demonstration; demonstrators only inform the Ministry of Interior to safeguard them and this time the Ministry of Interior agreed to send their personnels to safeguard the non-violent demonstration.

SRP has been profoundly aware about this. When national mass media and public opinion are colonized and bombarded by the CPP, it has automatically turned SRP to other ways. It is especially the five suggestions of SRP has been neglected by the government leadership, so the non-violent public demonstration is inevitable. It is not called political opportunity or political agenda that CPP has always stereotyped to arrest or accuse dissents and demonstrators, this non-violent demonstration is the potential tool to develop Cambodia nation politically, socially and economically.


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