Sunday, April 6, 2008

Peace demonstration and the FEAR

The amount of this peaceful demonstration participants are significantly telling us that Cambodian peoples are living under restless emotion?. Absolutely, they are living under fear. Fear that has tremendously endured to uphold by Hun Sen leadership to achieve his political win-win strategy. But who know the vote casting will not be in fear because it is a secret vote as peoples understood. NEC has tried to manage voting system that they can identify voter list in order to maintain fear situation. This is very subtle tactic!

Sam Rainsy has to be aware of creating self-confidence, no fear, and brave for Cambodian peoples. When Cambodian peoples have no fear and self-losing, SRP will win the election easily.

Furthermore, this demonstration is successful for SRP. Sam Rainsy is very brave to organize this peaceful mass demonstration. It is an eternal torch of brighter future of Cambodia.

12:59AM, your intellectual comment on irrigation to sustain agriculture in Cambodia is adorable. I do agree with you, and how much Ministry of Agriculture led by Chan Sarun has cared about this? I think he has cared only about land concession, logging companies, mineral digging research, and other lucrative business opportunity.


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