Sunday, April 6, 2008

Leading with FEAR by current government of Cambodia

No mention the FEAR and PTSD of the KR. Our current government leadership has fabricated the situation to intensify FEAR through:

1. Repeating past brutality

2. Power monopoly of Hun Sen and his cronies in the government.

3. Policemen and military including higher ranking Buddhist monk leaders are not neutral and belonging to national institution. They are inclining to political party (CPP).

4. Major national mass media both TV and Radio are performing one side interviewing or reporting. No media ethic for those reporters being practiced to create justice and non-fear for the audience (listeners) at all.

5. Land-grabbing is likely doubling

6. Politically-affiliated judiciary system is widely conducted.

7. High ranking officers are not working for the nation and Cambodian peoples. Major part of their work is to favor political party (CPP).

8. Hun Sen's public political rhetoric is still showing the prospect of FEAR.

9. Many murderers are still floating without punishing. Culture of impunity is the main source of FEAR.

10. Dissents are always threatened. Opposition parties are being split from inside through threatening, positioning, bribing, or using government court.

11. Complex procedure of voting system in Cambodia is supportive to FEAR for less educated Cambodians.

12. etc


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