Monday, April 7, 2008

The Irresponsible Responding

This is the irresponsibility of the government that they don't pay attention to the real issue, but they are good in lambasting others.

Anybody literate English language here, read this again "He also called on the Vietnamese Defence Ministry to assist and share experiences in maintaining security and public order in an effort to ensure Cambodia’s legislative elections, scheduled for July, are a success."

Share experience is acceptable, but to assist is gruesome begging from a defend minister with the unrealistic ending sentence "...maintaining security and public order...", is clearly to allow themselves as a slave or lackey to Vietnam authority.

Click here to read by your own eyes:

Please, government (led by Hun Sen) learn to correct yourself and accept reality as well as criticism for the benefits of all Cambodian citizens.

Please, government (led by Hun Sen) learn to respond back with constructive opinion, you should not lambaste or label others solely in the purpose of political agenda.


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