Monday, April 7, 2008

Too much overwhelming statement

For the benefits of our nation, sometime we close our eyes not to see the sufferings of others, but in case of Cambodia's relationship with China is absolutely overwhelming. It is not necessary to express our support repeatedly again and again without having exact purpose.

More than that, how much China care and help Cambodia? How much whole-hearted aids China has done to Cambodia? How about the atrocity and brutality of KR backed by China?

China should compensate Cambodia in order to commensurate its cruelty towards Cambodians in the past KR, rather than just lure Khmer few leaders such as N.Sihanouk and Hun Sen to cheer and lullaby China all the time.

Cambodia themselves, just pick up the atrocity and brutality which affiliated by China in the past to bargain with China. And we will have enough premise to gain more aids.

International relationship policy of N. Sihanouk and Hun Sen is significantly too much selling Khmer strength and identity to foreigner.


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