Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Appealing to all Khmer compatriots!

My Appealing!

It is imperative for Khmer peoples to taste and learn new productive political rhetorics from Cambodian leaders.

As a nation-state, how it will transform when their leaders have continually used divisive speech to make hate among our same race as their political agenda? Cambodian peoples are fulfilled enough to what they have tasted from the past. Cambodian political leaders should not repeat their failure in bringing sustainable peace and security to Cambodian peoples.

Beside of some disadvantageous political rhetorics of Cambodian leaders, some events and history records should be particularly considered. For instance, Cambodian PM Hun Sen in his participating the Remembrance Day of May 20, rethorically denounced the Khmer Rough brutality, justified it by elaborating the ongoing Khmer Rouge tribunal. It is the right and personal view of MP to say so, but it is not professional and collectively sustain Cambodian people interests and their beloved nation. CPP will take responsible for its continual praising the invasion of Vietnam; and CPP has to face with the international law that adopted to condemn Vietnam's aggression.

While he denounced Khmer Rouge brutality, MP Hun Sen absolutely blinded and muted the invasive presence of Vietnamese troops. The invading of Vietnamese troops universally condemned by international communities and the United Nations. Not only Cambodian peoples who understand that the presence of Vietnamese troops is not a "free lunch at all".

The solution for progressive and professional Cambodian politics is easy---CPP just stop its bias by not condemning solely the Khmer Rouge brutality, but also elaborate the "not free lunch" troops of Vietnam as well.

Cambodian peoples in the present are thirsty for professional leadership of political leaders who see Cambodian interests and internal unity of the peoples as their priority.

I appeal to all Khmers peoples particularly younger scholars to do your best to bring the new progressive and professional culture economically, socially and politically to Cambodia.


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