Sunday, May 25, 2008

Oral History of Cambodia from Somdech Ta

Thanks Somdech Ta for your bedtime story. This is the live oral history. But I am skeptical many things from Somdech Ta words.

Royal Crusade? How effective was this? Or is it just a propaganda? I ask this because many scholars and researchers have hesitated to refer this Royal Crusade as the important part of victory and independence. But for Cambodian peoples surely regard the effort and nationalism of Somdech Ta to achieve the independence as the priceless moment.

As I know, French and Siam cannot agree in many things that led to war. Especially, Siam didn't agree to live under the protectorate of French. French opened its marine war in the gulf of Thailand. Siam lost many navies and marine lives. Finally, an agreement was made by both sides that Siam accepted to give up (may be not give back) the attempt of controlling 3 Khmer provinces. But French accepted to honor Thailand by giving them Trat province and not act as a protectorate to Thailand.

However, I am appreciate Somdech Ta for oral precise history before bed. I think this is important to leave as the good legacy for Khmer younger generations.


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