Tuesday, June 3, 2008

SRP's Win Win Policy, Part I

Priority task of SRP is to accomplish the missions in 100 capstone chapter of the party particularly to deal with the poverty and social injustice which have been caused by corruption, commodity soaring price, joblessness, land grabbing, biased court, and nepotism of the current government.

SRP has been increasingly powerful because they don't pay attention to the tricks of the CPP that is trying to make clash inside the SRP with those defectors and the negative critical lambasting to degrade SRP. However, this only empower the SRP.

All beloved Khmers, don't succumb yourself to the continual cheating propaganda of one party who are diverting the intention of Cambodian peoples from exposing to solve the actual social issues such as poverty, corruption, land grabbing, soaring price of goods, and injustice court. This party is trying only to split other party in order to gain their own power, not the peoples interests at all.

The behavior of government party (CPP) clarifies the reality that they have always neglected to solve the critical social shortcomings of our beloved brotherhood by using all types of tricks and tactics to gain power, though such activities distort the interests of the Cambodian peoples.

SRP also needs power to lead a progressive change, and that power must stand on genuine democracy, the rule of laws, unbiased court that these significantly enable the interests of Cambodian peoples.

Vote for SRP is to build our bright future!


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