Monday, June 9, 2008

Vietnamese population in Cambodia is not a myth

Many times that the Cambodian observers in both domestic and international groups have simultaneously claimed the approximate 4 millions of Vietnamese settlers living inside Cambodia.

Those Vietnamese populations are considered as alien because they have no legal process to become Cambodian citizens.

When I was walking across Psa Kandal, those face massages and beautified ladies are genuinely Vietnamese. When I came across many rice street-sellers, and I ate lunch there, they can speak Vietnamese fluently and their children also speak it fluent as well including some major clients.

I am astonished that those good commercial merchants are Vietnameses. I have no objective of racism or discrimination, but this experience reminds me the successful Don Dien policy of Vietnam goverment. Vietnamese Don Dien policy has been well successful in Lao in assimilating by sending many those illegal Vietnamese population to adapt and settle their lives in Lao.

Illegal Vietnameses in Cambodia is not a myth. They have come to Cambodia with particular intention. Their Vietnamization is so subtle and intellectual through bilateral friendship agreement with current government leader.

Of course, many ethnic groups and entities of other races in Cambodia should enrich this country to become a very beautiful diverse nation, but I am really skeptical and worrisome with those illegal Vietnamese's unusual resettlers.

Why I met Vietnamese in Phnom Penh everywhere? This not include those constructing workers, fishery population, and other spatial Vietnamese grouping in many particular sites throughout Cambodia.

Please, consider those Vietnamese illegal immigrants! It is worrisome for our future freedom, independence and self-determination etc.


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