Monday, June 30, 2008

Under CPP, Cambodia has had lost its independence

Under CPP, Cambodia is truly moving forward one of the last country to become member of Indochina under Vietnam's leadership. Indochina Federation is the effort of all Vietnamese leaders and their intellectual peoples.

Currently, Vietnam is using the new updated tactics to swallow Cambodia and Lao without creating any suspect from their own peoples and international communities. But to free from this strategy is in need the willingness of leaders. In Lao, their leaders have totally been stuck because there are huge number of Vietnamese leaders who are falsifying as Laos.

In Cambodia, there are huge number of Vietnamese officials as well especially the group of policemen and military. But those spies are considered as weaker comparing t0 Lao. We can understand very well some unwillingness of current Cambodian leaders particularly Hun Sen to free Cambodia from foreigner such as.

1. To free Cambodia from foreigner especially VN, Cambodia has to be ruled by laws. But under Hun Sen leadership it is not. Though election is ongoing, Hun Sen leadership is still neglecting the real issues in Cambodia especially the evil behavior of court and judiciary system. But VN is strategizing for Hun Sen to split SRP's members and other falsifying in order to divert the attention of Cambodian peoples to comprehend the real issues of his lawless administration.

2. To free Cambodia from foreigner especially VN, Cambodia has to possess the corruption law and implement it rightly. But current leadership of Hun Sen is looking down its own peoples by manipulating them in many lying activities. Hun Sen's "choun taam somner or give you as proposed, or vappathir chaek romlek or culture of sharing etc" are truly the damning and hammering to Cambodian peoples' head.

3. TV and Radios in Cambodia are orchestrating the voice of manipulation. NEC is siding with CPP. CPP is using vote-buying and intimidating. By attesting the party labels in each home without permitting from the owners is the strategy of threatening to Cambodian peoples.

I am sad that many Cambodian peoples especially in CPP are easily falling into trap of VN under its tactic of using "bamboo to cut bamboo". Vietnamese spies are not effectively carrying out its plans, but Cambodian peoples who are falling into their trap to kill our same race has made me more stronger in supporting SRP and struggle to free Cambodia from such contemporary imperialism of VN


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Check out the Secret Diary of Hun Sen. It's very funny and enlighting.