Wednesday, July 2, 2008

To Mr. FakeHun Sen

I am honored by a comment linked to Mr.FakeHunSen blog. It is good to see, if he really not faked, Mr. Hun Sen online and extend his arms and brain to talk with younger generation like me openly.

But my observation to his way of writing and thinking, I think it is faked rather than unfaked. However, if he is unfaked, he has many things that are significantly flawed for himself which can lead to a destruction of Cambodia.

  • He should not in a daydream of flattering himself to be prime minister of Cambodia till 100 years. He should not live till 100 years. He said like that is truly looking down all Cambodian younger generations. He is a leader with no responsibility!
  • In case of Mu Sochua is not a fabricated story. Around Cambodia, especially in Phnom Penh, many luxurious cars such as land cruisers, luxes etc are branded and labeled with Military or Policeman. This sign is the big issue of land grabbing, corruption, dictatorship and cheating...etc Vote-buying and threatening are truly conducted by Hun Sen's opportunists.
  • Hun Sen should stop his short brain in politics of Cambodia. He should look at the long term future of Cambodia. His current leadership of land speculation, favoritism, anarchism, and lawless administration will cause his children and Cambodian younger generations a very harmful ending.
  • Election is just a show to legitimate Hun Sen. But believe me, no fair and just election will happen in Cambodia. All policemen, military and civil officials are politicized by CPP. This including Buddhist monks who should stay away from politics. In advanced countries, policemen, military and clergies are neutral and the government has no intention to politicize them. But CPP under Hun Sen leadership is no way to develop their political maturity for the brighter future of Cambodia. This is the faulty easily leads to be swallowed by VN.
  • CPP has politicized Cambodian peoples by raising up the liberation of KR and praising the VN army as volunteering. CPP has no brain at all to understand that no foreign free lunch or free meal/service be given to any other aliens. More than this, CPP is falsely admiring the day of January 7, 1979 without elaborating the importance of October 23, 1993 of Paris Peace Agreement. If January 7 liberated Cambodia from dead, and surviving their lives, October 23 is the day offering food to Cambodian peoples to feed their lives. Under this peace agreement, 600 billions have been injected to Cambodia, but unfortunately CPP under Hun Sen leadership has boasted itself of development many roads, buildings as well as economics. CPP has failed to raise the decent salary for all Cambodian manpower.
  • Mr.FakeHunSen just consider my few tips of opinion, you will realize and get into a true issue of Cambodia. Please, stop fabricate the story. Stop manipulate your own peoples. Stop lead a country for power-thirsty...etc
  • Please, re-think to use your brain to become Cambodian political leader (hero) by changing your perception of power-thirsty to nation-building.
  • Everyone, every leader loves their country and peoples, why not Cambodian leader?

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