Monday, July 21, 2008

Appealing all Cambodian compatriots to go to vote for national independence and bright future of Cambodia

I am Khmer Young, a younger child of Cambodia would like to appeal all Cambodian citizens to go to vote for a change in order to assure Cambodian national sovereignty and genuine sustainable development in the future.

Under current leadership of CPP, Cambodia is moving to become second state of Champa that Vietnam has attempted to swallow peacefully through their illegal populations.

Currently, Cambodia has millions of illegal Vietnamese immigrants. Those can speak slightly Khmer, or cannot speak Khmer language at all. New migrants are increasingly settling in Cambodia by the help of national policeman authority. Under Hok Lungdy who is more powerful than the minister of interior can accomplish the Vietnamization in Cambodia. It is not different to what VN did in Champa, Prey Norkor, and Kampuchea Krom. In Lao is already under this mechanism.

Peace, development and democracy have been built by Vietnam in the exchange of allowing their populations to move in and live in Cambodia freely. This is a smart strategy of VN to swallow Cambodia in which we cannot see other countries in this world have done like this.

Whenever, CPP leads the country, they will not enforce the immigration laws to control all those illegal immigrants in order to ensure true sovereignty. Now as you all know, in Cambodia we can buy citizenship and military as well as policeman position everywhere freely. Those positions are selling broadly like the goods in the market.

But for the citizenship to those Vietnamese origin are free and they have been well allocated all security such as finding jobs, home, land, and village.

Please, vote for change to choose new party (not CPP) to protect our territory integrity and build our brighter future together.


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