Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Preah Vihea's controversy: the fact or the political game?

Many weeks passed, the controversy of border line between Cambodia and Thailand located around Prasat Preah Vihea has likely become tense. There are debates through media and peoples of both countries. The opinions and writing are different and invaluable.

But I am in doubt that, how the controversy and conflict have incidentally happened in the meantime of election campaign in Cambodia and the increasing disfavor of Samak administration in Thailand? It is logically agreed that the negotiation or compromising between these two countries will never been happened as both sides need support from their peoples for the benefit of their political power.

However, Hun Sen's administration have played more than the expect of Thai partner as he advocate the issue to be mediated by regional Asean or UN. This proposal might madden Thailand and embarrass them in the international arena.

Hun Sen's administration is urgently drawing the attention to Cambodian peoples through its mass media about this issue and their brave decision making to settle down the conflict seems exactly become an inspiring campaign during this national election. Samak also accused Hun Sen like this, and Hun Sen's colleagues also accused Samak in this way.

In reality, we cannot conclude the intention of wild military act of Thailand, but what we can predict this activity considerably legitimate political power of political leaders. It is inevitable to presume that both political leaders gain popularity from this activity. But the consequences from this political gaining might lead to graver devastation of our both innocent peoples.

If this conflict are unstopped and become tense, the war might be unavoidable. Cambodia might loss more than Thais as our soldiers in border's front line are wearing flip-flop with old and outdated weapons. Especially, they can stand there by the donation of Cambodian peoples through the fundraising in many TV channels in Cambodia.

What I am worrying in this time is the inevitable intervention and taking advantage of Vietnam. This country will help his former friend, Hun Sen regime, to face with his former enemy, the Thailand. The context of Asean might not be able to tackle with these two country aggression. The history of Cambodia has evidenced this aggression strategy. When Vietnam invaded Cambodia, kings of Cambodia were backed by Thailand. When Thailand invaded Cambodia, kings of Cambodia were backed by Vietnam. And Cambodia territory land has gradually encroached by both countries.

More conflict continues, if it become war, and war is unstopped, Cambodia will likely become Vietnam easily under Hun Sen's administration.


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