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Why you should not vote CPP?

Why you should not vote CPP

Thu, 24 Jul 2008
Opinion by Chhan D. Touch

Within the next few days, Cambodians will again come to a crossroad that determines the future of their country. As a Cambodian living abroad, I hope that they will make their decision to choose the right leader and future for their country.

Since 1985, Cambodia has been ruled by a ruthless former Khmer Rouge, Hun Sen and his associates, Chea Sim and Heng Samrin. From afar, Cambodia is prosperous and developed. In closer view, Cambodia is falling apart, edging toward the eternal disaster. Corruption is widespread throughout levels of Cambodians society. Fear is used for submission. National properties are sold and profits are in the pockets of the rulers. I fear for the future of my country. Thus, I appeal to you, my compatriots, to vote for the right leader who will save our country, the SRP.

Importantly, you should NEVER support CPP. I choose 3 simple reasons why you should not vote CPP – a Vietnamese puppet: Personal gain, fear, and ignorance.

1- Personal gain – “many” people join CPP for personal gain, in wealth, power, or business. Bribery becomes a norm of life. If you need anything done, you need to bribe someone. The culture of corruption has now dominated Cambodian society and none cares about others. Several years ago, a Forbes’ magazine reported of the “world emerging richest person.” Surprisingly, Cambodian MP Hun Sen and his family were worth then, 2-3 years ago, $4.5 billion dollars (4,500 million dollars), approximately 5 times gross national budget of Cambodia. He became one of the richest, beating even the Queen Elizabeth of England. As Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in the world, begging for donations from many international institutions, where does he get all these wealth and money? When is the last time that anyone checks the national debt? About 6 years ago, report indicated, due to enormous foreign debt, each newborn Cambodian is $3,500 in debt already. How is about now?

2- Fear - CPP employs fear, drumming that chaos will take place if it loses the election. The rule of law will purify the society and restore Cambodia to better home for everyone. Corruptors should be fearful for destroying Cambodia. If they have done nothing wrong, they should not fear anyone. Righteousness will always vindicate. If Cambodians must overcome this lie and vote for the right leader. This is their country, too. In a TRUE democratic country, the transition of power comes smoothly and peacefully.

3- Ignorance – CPP intends to keep people in the darkness and under their control. Ignorant individuals can be easily convinced. Thus, mass media and newspapers are controlled and manipulated by CPP. They fear the facts since they will bring forth the truthful lights. Learn the fact and choose your vote carefully.

How long are you willing to live in darkness, poverty, fear, and vulnerability? Cambodian future should not be determined by a group of corruptors. It is now time to take back our country. Or, ours will face eternal doom.

Personally, I have chosen to support SRP for I know that this party will restore Cambodia to her glory past. I urge you, my compatriots, to do the right thing by voting for SRP. I have done by duty as a Cambodian, dedicating and devoting my heart and soul for the future of Cambodia by doing whatever I can to support SRP in the USA as well as Cambodia. I have done mine. Have you done yours?

A Cambodian patriot,
Chhan D. Touch, MS, FNP-BC

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