Friday, July 25, 2008

Vote Candle Light Party for Our National Sovereignty

I am, Khmer Young, a younger child of Cambodia would like to solemnly appeal all Cambodian compatriots especially all Youths to go to vote tomorrow, Sunday 27 July from 7am in order to change leader. Vote for change to choose a competent prime minister, the leader who is full of national will, sincerity and no past affiliation with aggressive foreigner.

The party that I am going to vote for is the Candle Light Party in which candle stands for wisdom. Only wisdom that can tackle the subtle aggressive strategy of Vietnam.

Even though CPP's prominent members have accepted the reality that there are numerous illegal Vietnamese immigrants in Cambodia. But one of a CPP's affiliated legal expert repeated in Bayon TV channel in 23 July that "when we have proper border land demarcation, the illegal alien citizens in Cambodia will not make any problem particularly the threatening of Cambodia sovereignty". This statement is surely to fool Cambodian peoples. In reality, the parasites inside our body is more dangerous than the viruses in our outside skin. The tactic of sending Vietnamese people to settle in Cambodia is not different from current situation in Lao. Especially, Vietnam can achieve their territory expansion from Champa, Prey Norkor, and present Kampuchea Krom by making friendship, long lasting and comprehensive friendship with them, and sending millions of their citizens to live illegally and freely in those lands.

Please, vote for Candle Light Party to ensure our territory integrity!!


This picture is to show one the popular cake street shop, fried-pan cake, owned by Vietnamese. You can see it every where in Phnom Penh and else where around Cambodia. This picture was taken at Psa Toul Tompoung.

This picture is to show two Vietnamese ladies at Phnom Doun Penh who make their living by cleaning and making nails and Kous Kyal. These two ladies cannot speak Khmer properly.

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