Friday, August 8, 2008

Victory of the Failure

CPP has been totally grabbed most of the national assembly seats in Cambodia's fourth national election this year, but according to many independent observers this victory is not internationally standardised and Cambodia's assebly significantly become a very powerful assembly. CPP took almost 60% or 90 seats among 123 seats of the assembly.

It is critical that CPP projected to win vote around 80-81 seats through its grip in power with rich of resources and other tactics of election enfranchisement. But by the yellow card of Preah Vihear controversy, the CPP can gain almost 10 seats more.

Through the continual rampant corruptions, nasty land grabbings from the poors, gravely impunitive culture and unenforcement of legal system nationalizatiion, the expectation of this win surely accomodates more suffering than recuring to the Cambodian peoples' current situation.

The predictable moment with this win is that it doesn't reflect the will of Cambodian peoples because the National Election Committees (NEC) has broadly biased and fully inclined to the rulling party, CPP.

We can say that the win of CPP is the failure of Cambodian peoples because the influx of illegal immigrants of Vietnamese surely intimate all Cambodian citizens including those incubent leaders in the next five to ten years.

I would like to solemnly proclaim that the intention of Vietname to control Indochina is in it machinary and continuingly success under its soft policy of doi moi (rennovation). This policy is to try the best to provide Cambodia and their shadow incubent leaders the stability of power, the country peace, economic growths, and international relations liberalization but keep secret in its grib of population assimilation particularly the non-stopped influx of its well-trained citizens who can live with Cambodian peoples.

Vietnam has used the win-win strategy copied from China of using " bamboo to destroy bamboo" and after that they pull in to annihilate them finally. In contradict, Vietnam has upgraded this tactic not to annihilate them, but pull in to falsify their face as to save them but kill them one by one peacefully later.

This tactic is what Vietnam has done with Lao and Kampuchea Krom. Now it is also successful undertaking in Cambodia.

When Vietnam achieves this strategy, the first persons they will illiminate are those top leaders including Hun Sen himself.


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