Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cambodia of uncertainty: economic is booming, but sovereignty is dooming

Cambodian peoples might be so happy with the economic growth of at least 7.00% annually. But in reality, this growth is just the shadow of failure because the inflation is soaring up to 10-15%. The fruits from this growth is not equally distributed. 80% of Cambodian farmers are significantly deteriorated by this growth.

1. The social gap is appearing every aspect of Cambodian society. The poor and the rich is gradually widened from such tricky economic boom. Many poor children quit school because they cannot afford to pay tips for teachers.

Private schools are booming to attract the rich children while poor children are dooming under the act of teachers who receive unjust salary in public schools.

There are many expensive cars such as lexus and land cruisers drive across dumped street children and beggar children.

2. Cambodia has become the "Police State"since the failure of UN to crack down this tactical structure. Vietnam invaded Cambodia in 7 January 1979 to structure Cambodia society as a Police State. They withdrew the uniform military because their bottom structuring was complete. Currently, this structure is gradually strengthening. Major Cambodian policemen are Vietnamese by origin who have been well trained to carry gun to safeguard Cambodian citizens.

How can we say Cambodia is free and independent when Cambodia has foreigners to safeguard our peace and security?

3. National election is just the political game to legitimize Police State leader. By conducing votes, the Police State leader can legally claim their leadership and inspire more aids to last their power.

Their power and wealth are not only gained by exploiting national treasures but also accrue from the foreign aids and loans. New acceptance of decentralization and good governance only sustain their power to last forever.

4. Cambodian peoples should not be easily deceived by the Khmer Rouge brutality. How good is it when communists come to free us from another communists? They both are communist. Their characteristic is still communist and their leadership is absolute. How is different between Khmer Rough communist and Vietnamese communist? It is different only the color (red & white) but the nature of these two communists are totalitarianism regime.

Khmer Rough regime is passed, no KR regime will come to power again; and during KR regime, Khmer can protect its border land. White communist Vietnam is foreigner and this country has long time attempted to swallow Cambodia. Now their ambition is on the right track.


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