Saturday, August 23, 2008

Khmer Krom: the persistent struggler for identity

As a Khmer young generation, I have seen that Khmer Krom peoples are the most struggling Khmers. Though they are living under the oppression, threat, assimilation and swallowing environment of Vietnamese, Khmer Krom still strongly proclaim their survival and unique identity.

For instance, some Khmer Krom cannot speak their mother tongue language properly, but their heart and brain are still Khmer. Some of them cannot dress Khmer customs, but their heart and brain are still Khmer. Young Khmer Krom generations are facing with uncomprehending of their own culture, language and religion, but those young KK generations are ready to learn and stand up to maintain and protect their ancestors' culture.

In contrast, in Cambodia there are thousand of Vietnamese illegal immigrants can speak Khmer properly, but their heart and brain are Vietnamese. They have come to Cambodia with particular purpose to serve Vietnamese interest. Especially, to last the power of their
former servant/puppet in political position so that they can maintain their status quo and swallow Cambodia eventually.

Also in contrast, many Cambodian citizens are Khmers by origin, but for self interests, power, position and wealth, they can do everything particularly to oppress their own Khmer brothers and sisters. More than this, they don't care about the long term future of Cambodia, and they can serve any foreigner who can keep them in power and last their position forever.

Khmer Krom peoples are regarded as the most struggling minor peoples in this world if we compare to Kurd, Iraqis or Jews...etc


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