Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hun Sen, Thaksin, and Than Shwe

The daunting of Thaksin leadership is surely shaking his cohort, Samak Sudaravej. Come to political life at the beginning, Thaksin was popularly known as the Resurrection for Thai people particularly those in remote area. But it is unable to hide the learned Thai peoples. Under the rule of law enforcement nation like Thailand, as well as under the popular monarchistic nation, Thailand can free themselves from monopolistic political leadership like Thaksin.

Thaksin might learn and imitate Hun Sen's leadership to turn all state asset into personal charity. The most popular policy of Thaksin is to grant one village one million bath to secure his popularity policy of "one village one product". Villagers in each village were enjoyable with this initiative, but the learned and city business peoples begun to suffer because the national reserved budget is gradually become empty.

It can be similar or the same comparing to current leadership of Hun Sen that national budget has been always fallen short, but his personal wealth has been always accrued and used as the public charity throughout the country. If we observe every commune, at least 2 schools are built with "HS" logo or Hun Sen's charity. Cambodian peoples are likely happy with Hun Sen's charity. And the political rhetoric of "culture of sharing" as well as "I give you as you proposed" becomes more frequent from Hun Sen's mouth.

Than Shwe is the same. The charity activities are very popular. He always prostrate in front of the monks and build the monasteries. In Burmese TVs, he is so kind to the remote and poor peoples.

We can conclude that the act of authoriterian leader is the same. But it might be different that Thaksin cannot stay in power under the well developed democratic country like Thailand, and foreigner cannot influence Than Shwe because he has never had backed by foreigner to support him to power; and Hun Sen is absolutely allowing the illegal Vietnamese people to resettle in Cambodia endlessly for the sake of his immortality.


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