Thursday, August 28, 2008

Unity only can distort absolute power

Great that Cambodia still have clever opposition member like Son Chhay who stands firm for justice of human being.

Son Chhay's communication with outside Cambodia is surely to bring reputation to Cambodia. It is opposite with Cheam Yeap who is talent in protecting his CPP, but the fame and interest of Cambodia nation is not important for him.

All CPP's parliamentary members will never think or care the Burma issue though they want to care it. Those are shut up by the monopolistic policy of CPP under Hun Sen leadership.

Now Cambodia is moving toward one party country. I would like to cheer the dream of Hun Sen become true. And I would like to share sadness with those elected with mute mouth in the parliament.

This is why I want to confirm according to Kannarit to vote a package vote again because Hun Sen him is not sure that his parliamentary members will vote for him to become PM because of this own cruel shadow.

I do believe in the unity of CPP's parliamentary members with opposition members can possibly reduce the absolute power of Hun Sen.



Mediawatch-Newstopia said...

Now Cambodia is moving toward one party country.

Referring to your above mentioned comment.

I am not in the position to disagree with your comment but I would say it is a poor choice of word [one party country instead of one party parliament where CPP will be the majority, has 2/3 of voice needed to propose new or any change and amendment to current laws, which is also in line with democratic country where ruling party will se it absolute power to pass or block any law].

Cambodia, my personal opinion, is heading the same way as Singapore where strict and controlled is employed by the government there, except that Cambodia is yet to have a hand pick or pass on of power from one to another.

If Cambodia is to head that way [Singapore style] while the economy and living standard of people of Cambodia, health care and education are being looked after than Cambodians shall be happy about it.

Sangkum Reastr Niyum era quoted by foreigner as one party nation by the US and that is the reason why the Cambodian Communist party went underground [relinguished of pwoer between Queen and the then Prince N. Sihanouk before finally abdicated and ran for PM].

Republic Khmer is another one while Democratic Kampuchea is the worst on of all - managed to killed and purged on its own people.

For current status, my personal opinion, Cambodia is still much so a constituional multi political party parliament.

I do reclall a statment made by PM Hun Sen re Burma - "Any sanction against Rangoon government will never change situation there". The problem is that every member nation of ASEAN stick to the rule of non-interference on domestic affairs as seen during the current stand off when Thailand sent troops to our beloved Preah Vihear. ASEAN failed to intervern but only urge to resolve the matter amicably and within ASEAN backdrop instead of taking the case to UN security council.

US failed to help [head on collision with Burma in the same way US did to Iraq and Afghan] Burmess people but opted to talk with China [main influent in the region] to persuade the Rangoon to lax it rules and this would tell us something about US foreign policy [not to hurt the feeling of it friend, economy partner and potential ally - China].

Khmer Young said...

I think comparing Cambodia with Singapore is not accurate at all.

Singapore has not history of drastic conflict. But Cambodia is. Every Cambodian are overwhelming of ignorance and brutality experience.

So CPP got 90 seats are the sign of going back.

So let see!