Friday, September 19, 2008

Cambodian policemen: no need naitonal security clearance

What FBI can expect from Cambodian police's corporation when the policemen are the spearhead of the killing?

It is surely the political game..."I kill Kim Sambo and his son, and I appealed FBI to restore my reputation through their affiliation".

Cambodia is under the safeguard of criminal policemen...if you are silent you are alive, if you are waking up against me you are way and no chance to find the perpetrators....never since the killing of well-known actress Piseth Phalika to recently killed of Kim Sambo and his son.

Those policemen in Cambodia has come to power without having any National Security Clearance. So this is idiot management of national security of Cambodian government.

Most policemen entities are the former Vietnamese agents during their occupation of 1979-1989, and new incoming agents are entitling to hold guns as policemen.

Don't be hurry to believe me, go yourself to all national policemen headquarters in all provisions, either capital city or provinces, major of them are the secret agents!

What independence and peace being existed in Cambodia when the dishonest safety-guards persons are safeguarding our security and peace? What proud of peace we are? And mechanism in your brain? Or the government is just booming the cabinet and officials like a LOBSTER?

Use your brain Khmer people!


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