Friday, September 26, 2008

Vietnam and US compare to its nature of invasion

This analysis based on empirical current change but doesn't correctly reflects the historical movements as was as demography and geographical situation. Vietnam invaded Cambodia, and US invaded Iraq is two invasions incomparable. While US had never affiliated or supported Sadam, Vietnam fully evidenced by its alliance and supporting to Khmer Rouge group. While US's history affiliated as well as war/peace linked with Iraq is not significant, Vietnam has tremendously shared bitter history, border encroachments, nationalistic/race sentiment with Cambodia. While US's territory land is not bordered with Iraq, Vietnam's border has been shared with Cambodia almost half of Cambodia's total border line.

In contrast to US, Vietnam has been ready to influence Cambodia socially, politically and economically. The tedious thing is the population invasion strategy of Vietnam that currently strategizing to flow its citizens to live freely in Cambodia to supplement its force with their formers agents working inside Cambodia. Beside this population planning, Vietnam's soft power tactic is to back its long lasting friendship with comprehensive coorporative brandname with CPP to hold power forever.

Essentially, US is modeled itself as most developed democracy country as well as economic-advanced federation which is opposite to Vietnam that their style of political leadership is Communist/Authoritarianism. Comprehensively, Vietnam is communist, Khmer Rouge was communist; they both are communist by origin; and their political activities are to oppress their own people through absolute administration that Cambodians people as well as the world community has to condemn.

In case of supporting KR by international communities was intentionally strategized to utilize KR troops to face with Vietnam. But as we see, when Vietnamese is believed to be withdrawn its force from Cambodia, KR is eliminated and international court is set up to try KR top leaders. (I can say that this article is out of date, not need to consider its relevance). However, the one thing worrisome in current Cambodia politics is the close tie and mutual assistance between Vietnam and incumbent leaders of Cambodia. This comprehensive mutual corporation and friendship truly intensifies the past intention of Vietnam to subordinate Cambodia as part of its geographical island called Indochina?

Please, answer my question that current Cambodia is really free from Vietnam or not?


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