Friday, October 17, 2008

Hun Sen: a foreigner's subordinate

Hor Namhong has repeatedly stated in his news conference to bring the border row with Thailand to multilateral levels as well as to United Nations Security Council (UNSE) to solve the problem. Recent clash at the border is the good pretext for Cambodia to bring this case to multilateral talk, not bilateral talk with Thailand.

But Hun Sen, Cambodia's prime minister is standing on different position. Recently, Hun Sen repeated his political rethoric confirmed that Cambodia will not allow any foreigners to intervene this dispute, Cambodia will solve the border row with Thailand through bilateral negotiation.

Two things to consider Hun Sen's puppet behavior and lack of national willingness to solve this border dispute are:
  1. Hun Sen is either serving Vietnam or pressured by Vietnam to maintain bilateral talk with Thailand. Why? Vietnam is fearing if Cambodia brings this border row to international stage in both regional Asean and United Nations Security Council (UNSC). Why Vietnam is fearing? It is true that Hun Sen has signed several agreements with Vietnam as "eternal friendship, comprehensive neighbor" and "any issuse or conflicts with Vietnam in the future will be solved by bilateral talk". This is true that by bilateral solution, Vietnam can maintain its status quo as well as power inside Cambodia through CPP especially through its signatories: Hun Sen, Heng Samrin, and Chea Sim.
  2. Bilateral solution with Thailand will be in vain and Cambodia has no potential influence to impose Thailand to withdraw its troops from Cambodian territory. Thailand can use its effective excuse of internal chaos to maintain their military in Cambodia land. Cambodia's military capacity can not compare with Thailand at all.
As a Cambodian younger generation, the claiming of Hun Sen to deal the border row with Thailand through bilateral stage will not make any progress for Cambodia. Especially, Hun Sen should not put himself under pressure or political agenda of Vietnam any more through this current border dispute with Thailand.

I humbly suggest Cambodian government to bring this issue to talk in the Cambodian parliament and resume an agreement about the issue especially to bring this case to multilateral solutions. Through parliament, Vietnam cannot keep Hun Sen, Chea Sim, and Heng Samrin in its feet any more.


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