Friday, October 24, 2008

Hun Sen and Wen Jaiboa

Congratulation Somdech Hun Sen for your meeting and incorporating with Wen Jiaboa.

I cannot speculate that your meeting with China's top leader in this time as well as previous ones are because of your independent political maneuver or it is because of you are permitted by Vietnam to tighten this tie with China.

In reality, Cambodia is critically under the political soft mechanism of Vietnam. It has strategically carried out by Vietnam leaders to pursue their political status quo in Cambodia through soft political structure and tactics, and construct this nation as the "Police State".

Cambodia national police department is considerably controlled by former VN spies, Cambodia national economics is majorly controlled by VN tycoons especially Angkor Watt concession...etc These are not included the CPP's base and structure which has relentlessly endeavored by Vietnam to build this very strong party in Cambodia.

However, it is the best choice for Cambodia to counterbalance with Vietnam and Thailand. Also, in this chance, Hun Sen can free himself as well as Cambodia from the political whim of Vietnam.

My sincere congratulation Hun Sen!


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