Saturday, October 25, 2008

Old intent but new word

It is undeniable that new approach of Vietnam's soft policy to subjugate Cambodia through CPP has gradually been achieving.

Whenever CPP is winning the vote, the domination policy of Vietnam is there.

What does it mean and different the word "great importance to preserving and promoting the traditional unity, friendship and comprehensive cooperation with Cambodia" to the colonization of Vietnam in Cambodia? It is just diplomatic words, but in reality CPP is the spearhead of Vietnamization achievement in Cambodia.

Vietnam's attempt to consolidate its power in Indochina is gradually successful.

Furthermore, if it is truly a word from Say Chum about "Cambodian people thank Vietnam's assistance from genocidal", please exclude me. I am not one of those people you mentioned though my relatives were punished and died by KR.

This claim is just the nature of communism who has held absolute control without respecting individual rights and self-determination.

I am Khmer Young will oppose forever those Vietnamese puppets especially some of those inside CPP.


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