Saturday, November 29, 2008

Exploring Vietnam-Cambodia relationship activity

Noticeably, many CPP's top leaders have taken turn to visit VN. Each visit has different purposes; some are official, some are personal exchange visit, some are routine trip...but what we have observed is that the same phrase and same sentence have been repeating again and again by Vietnam top leaders.

Do you hear "the development of VN-Cambodia friendship and co-operation"? VN has enhanced its strategy from burning Cambodia into piece by war during Sihanoukist, LonNolist, and PolPotist regime; VN 90 degree changed its policy through cold tactic under HunSenist regime. But it is on a good time and a good policy because the premise of murderous policy of KR is sufficient enough for VN to dominate and take over Cambodia.

The phrase "co-operation, comprehensive understanding, as well as strengthening or accelerating this relationship culture" has been well stipulated in the agreement with Cambodia signed by Hun Sen, Chea Sim, and Heng Samrin under the conspiracy theory used to rescuing Cambodia crusade headed by VN.

This agreement has tied all CPP's heads to mobilize in that path. The death of Hok Lundy significantly triggered VN to make sure that their followers are still honest to them. And the aging of those CPP top leaders intensifies VN to think of their future achievement over Cambodia. But the structure and leadership of CPP has been well established by VN to ensure its domination policy over Cambodia. Or we can say "CPP survives, VN's domination policy surely survives".

Trips to VN have been routinely and monthly made by every top leaders of CPP. Counting from top Buddhist monk leaders, to permanent members of CPP, policemen and military...etc, all have made both public and un-public visit to VN.

VN will not allow Cambodia to live freely and happily for self-determination and self-rights. The VN-Cambodia agreement for 20 years ended in 2005 (recorded since 1979/1980/1981 outstanding agreement signed by Hun Sen, Heng Samrin and Chea Sim). But VN can step to other pace by creating a new agreement on controversial border treaty in 2005. This treaty can renew VN's domination policy towards Cambodia to another decades as its support with the border markers as well as other development projects along the border will not be easily finished.

Many premises VN has created to tie its formers followers such as KR atrocity, border treaty, development project in the triangle spot, economic co-operation, and other utility supported by VN such as setting up radio station etc.

New approach of VN to keep their status quo of continuing dominate Cambodia is to make sure that all important Cambodian leaders have paid a visit to VN and signed the paper in front of their state leaders. In the past, the vessel countries would pay tribute to their boss/dominant countries, but modernity, vessel countries just frequently make their trip to pay a visit, sign an agreement and admire each other for their long term friendship integrity. But how integrity when a giant is talking with a small ant.

Cambodia might not be able to escape from the jaw of VN under the leadership of CPP. Though the open horizon of Cambodian international relations has been increasing to many other third world such as China, America, and Europe; but this border opening policy has entirely followed on the trace of VN. Remember, Cambodia became the tenth member of ASEA precisely under the auspices of VN. When VN says "YES", Cambodia can engage and marry with other countries or get license to become a member; but when VN say "NO", Cambodia will not move any further, and some time Cambodian top leaders can conduct violence to their own citizens such as the humaliation towards Khmer Kampuchea Krom and hostile the Buddhist monks protested VN embassy etc to favor their boss.

Regional co-operation is good for Cambodia, but VN-Lao-Cambodia co-operation is tantamount to the loss of Cambodia self-determination and self-rights. Under CPP's leadership, the legality to guarantee Cambodia sovereign integrity has been totally dismissed because CPP is afraid of utilizing Paris Peace Agreement for its foreign policy.

What do you think and who do you project your thought on behalf of Cambodian younger generation to this tricky policy of VN?


Further information on Vietnam's domination policy towards Cambodia

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