Saturday, December 20, 2008

Shrimp Brain of Cambodian Leader

It is scam Hun Sen who has destroyed Buddhism in Cambodia. Under Hun Sen's political leadership, main Cambodian institutions such as Monarchy, Buddhism, and Nation have gradually deteriorated under his political maneuver in consolidating monopolistic political power.

Since 1979, Cambodia has not advanced any kind political shift to its difference from Khmer Rouge, it has robustly changed only the explicit killing of Cambodian people by KR to implicit killing of Cambodian people by Hun Sen. But KR himself led the country to destruction in a broad light that we can clearly easily see. In a contradict direction, Hun Sen has led Cambodia to the destructive goal that Cambodian people have hardly seen this subtle destructive strategy.

In case of Buddhism, Hun Sen himself and his administration have perpetuated the policy of ruining Buddhism such as encouraging monks to use magics to earn money and share corruption and bribery with high ranking officers, encouraging monks to back his political activities, encouraging monks to have bodyguards, encouraging no eduction monks to having high Buddhist order positions, and breeding his client monks to inhumiliate any other monks who are dissent to his leadership etc.

And all Cambodian peoples know that Supreme Patriarch Tep Vong is just a secrete communist agent to contaminate Cambodia's Buddhist Institution.

All these are not usual fruition of Hun Sen's political power consolidation in destroying Buddhism. But Hun Sen's recent political rhetoric to blaming Buddhist monks and Buddhist order in Cambodia is just part of his irresponsibility as a state leader as well as his Pig PD full of ignorant mindset. More than this, he is a very stupid Buddhist in Cambodia. He knows nothing about the principles of Buddhism taught by Lord Buddha.

Regarding to Monarchy is the same. All Sihamuni public activities are banned now because his more popularity than Hun Sen. And recent appointment of spam Monarchy members to have positions with national budget is another using of national budget as well as to exploit the Cambodian poor uselessly. All these activities of Hun Sen is in hope to continue exacerbate Monarchy in Cambodia.

Hun Sen scam is just the absolute puppet to foreigner who has come to power for his personal wealth and his cronies in the way that can deserve both destroying Cambodia nation and allowing foreigner (VN) to have total control of Cambodia sovereignty.

Hun Sen scam should volunteerily step down if his brain is not a shrimp brain. His recent criticism on Buddhist monks and Buddhist order in Cambodia is just another evidence of his shrimp brain. So he should not continue to rhetorical his other shrimp brain idea.

Step down is his final option of stopping shrimp brain!


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