Thursday, December 25, 2008

Cambodian-Thailand Border Dispute has become exacerbated because of Chheang Vun

Who is Chheang Vun? This guy has weiredly appeared in his public affairs since he was a Cambodian representative at the UNs.

Recently, this guy proclaimed in the public and in front of the news agents that Cambodia has already allied with Vietnam in order to condemn the ongoing border land encroachment of Thailand. In the news, Vun also elaborated that if Thailand still occupies Cambodia border land, Cambodia will take this issue to the UNs as well as the international world.

What is happening to Cambodia now regarding its foreign policy in dealing border dispute with Thailand?

Primarily, we observed that CPP has tremendously exploited the border dispute of Cambodia-Thailand to gain its popularity in recent national election. CPP had also reprimanded Thailand that they will take this case to the UNs, but it has never obligated that statment.

Now it is occuring again that by allying with Vientam, CPP repeatedly reprimanded Thailand to raise the issue to the international communities. Vietnam might have gain huge popularity among some Cambodian people because they might understand that this country is so kind for them regarding dispute with Thailand. Is this CPP's nationalism policy? Or this is just CPP who is trying to legitimize Vietnamese domination in Cambodia?

As a young Cambodias, and I want to tell every Cambodian that, border dispute has become a useful tool for CPP and Vietnam to utilize for their benefits. They have used the international laws as their pretext, but why they have never implemented it.

Or because it is CPP who are so afraid of international laws particularly the stipulations of Paris Peace Agreement? CPP might not so afraid of international laws and Paris Peace Agreement, but Vietnam is so afraid of it because of its numerious illegal agreements with CPP, and the top incument CPP leaders have numeriously signed with Vietnam.

We are Cambodians are just their political tools particularly CPP's tool who is working for Hanoi. And we loss hope for the CPP to deal with Thailand by using international laws and Paris Peace Agreement.

Predictably, through Chheang Vun's public statement, Cambodia can deal with Thailand to settle down this border dispute unless Cambodia, Lao and Vietnam becomes the single strongest union to lobby Asian...

So this is the fate of Cambodia under CPP's leadership...


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