Thursday, January 1, 2009

January 7 day is the camouflage of VN invasion

January 7 celebration in Cambodia is politically motivated operating by the CPP. Among main important days of Cambodia such as Independence Day from French, Victory Day of Lon Nol or Pol Pot, we can recognize the Jan. 7 is the worst day of Cambodian history. It is the day of foreign invasion in Cambodia. And considerably, the best day for Cambodian history is October 23.

The debate is endless about the day of Jan. 7 Of course, it is common to understand that this continuing unstopping debate of Jan. 7 is the outcome of VN's plan.

At least, there are two rivals: the opposition audience and the supporters of Jan. 7

Each side has their own strong hold opinion. But more the debate is going on, more the domination policy of VN is successfully achieved.

Do we fall in the trap of trick? Answer: YES

But Sam Rainsy has his ground to back up his hypothesis. While VN is communist, Pol Pot is communist; why these two communists should obtain better face from each other?

Khmer proverb said "choh tik kropeur, lerng ler klaa or getting down the water face crocodiles, getting up the ground face the tigers".

Cambodia should learn to get away from these two dangerous wild animals.

But we are intellectually conceptualizing this hot debat that Jan. 7 is still deteriorated Cambodia through a "leopard invasion of VN". The communist Pol Pot has already disappeared. We don't need to mention or to denounce, but the ongoing leopard VN communist in Cambodia is hideous to Cambodian sovereignty.

Are we racist just to utter this idea? The answer: NO

We are Khmers feel fully understand that when we are talking about VN's leopard invasion in Jan. 7, we are labeled as racist or politically involved. So how can we do, when there are some Khmers are really blinded and closed their eyes to see the reality of VN, and trying to condemn the death of Khmer Rouge.

Oh, wake up Khmer compatriots!

Happy New Year to you all,


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