Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cambodia Political Crown: a new shift

Dear All,

To respond to Khmerization's analytical article about the King and the Republic, I am profoundly affected by the current appearance of new sort of a Political Crown in Cambodia.

To put it simply, the regards to present constitutional monarchy Cambodia is just a show. It is truly political show to having King but in reality Cambodia currently has no King. Present Cambodia has solely transformed into a new type of Political Crown.

The idea of this political crown has been witnessed by the transition of ancient feudal monarchy to cold war communist ideology. While communist blamed feudal and corrupted monarchical/elite system, they created new type of their own King (political crown) such as the Collectivism Camp, the Angkar or Top Commander...etc

As the result, we acknowledge the idea generalized "all communist political leaders or their poliburu are the new type of King, Crown, Feuds, or Monarch".

In Cambodia is not different from that transition. Hun Sen has gradually become the true King/Crown. This is the political shift which no one can oppose it in both academic debate and folklore communication.

In his longest primiership, Hun Sen and his cronies particularly under the galvanizing of his eternal friend the Vietnam, his gradually achievement to become Khmer King is clearly exhibited.

We might call new shift of Cambodia politic led by a man with no Kingship Blood like Hun Sen as Republic, but it is surely still relevant as a Political Crown.

Personally, I don't mind what Cambodia political system is going to shape. Or we can say the Cambodia Monarchy is abolished by Monarchical Members themselves to change Cambodia to republic, or we can say Cambodia in the future will become republic by Hun Sen's leadership; but the key issue is to keep Cambodia alive with true peace, stability, dignity and prosperity as all of us need.

However, our hope has been gradually derailed away because of continual Vietnam domination and puppet behavior of CPP.

Under Hun Sen's political leadership within CPP, Cambodia cannot move forward with brighter future. It has moved forward solely to satisfy his eternal friend, the Vietnam.

To articulate this argument empirically, we can conclude that:
  • 1. Vietnam's new approach of expansionism and Vietnamization in Cambodia is by impersonating in free marketing, flowing of illegal immigrants and creating physical border demarcation by neglecting international laws...etc
  • 2. CPP has been made by Vietnam. It is ideally to keep this machine alive in Cambodia.
  • 3. Under CPP's administration, there are still hundred thousands of Vietnamese soldiers and policemen are hiding and impersonating as Cambodian.
  • 4. In order to achieve its goal and to avoid the international condemn, Vietnam has arranged to maintain their agents to work as the Cambodian policemen entirely country.
  • 5. Is it safe and free and sovereign for Cambodian people as well as their beloved nation, when their safety guards are impersonating Vietnamese agents?
  • 6. Angkor Wat has been owned/concessed by Sok Kong, a Vietnamese businessman, are employing Vietnamese citizens and special agents.
  • 7. Vietnam sees clearly that Angkor Wat is the icon of nationalism and cultural identity of Cambodia, so to keep controlling Angkor Wat will ensure their expansionism.
  • 8. The day of January 7 has been reactivated by CPP again to celebrate as well as to manipulate Cambodian people to believe and trust in Vietnam. This is correct that, Vietnam can control Cambodia only when they can convince Cambodian people to believe in them.
  • 9. The celebration of the day of January 7 has no meaning at all for Cambodian people because we celebrate this day in order to stop the coming back of KR, but currently will KR come back?
  • 10. So the day of January 7 celebration is politically oriented and it is surely to celebrate in order to pay gratitude to foreigner.
  • 11. Not only celebrate the day of January 7, CPP under Vietnam's spearhead has tried to create chaos in Khmer society, for instance the present news of laying bombs on the ground in the capital city of Phnom Penh, is the good excuse to blame all other dissents.
  • 12. While general Cambodian dissents of the day of Junuary 7 are keeping silent, the CPP under Vietnamese spearhead will make this day overwhelmingly louder and louder.
So, how can we conclude that Cambodia's under new type of Political Crown, Hun Sen, can lead us to freedom, stability, peace and prosperity?


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