Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hun Sen, the real Leviathan of Cambodia

Gen. Ke Kimyan has not only discarded his power from national military's Deputy Commander, but currently he is possibly facing with Phnom Penh's lawsuits style. There are many wrongdoings have been proposed to bring lawsuits to Gen. Ke Kimyan.

Of course, this is normal for political rivals. Hun Sen has successfully impaired and weakened his political rivals from outside, and he has no fear of power competition from outside at all. The approaching of Sam Rainsy Party or DMC will distort Hun Sen's political behavior of using violence against his outside groups as the key mean to maintain his power grip, but Hun Sen is potentially facing with his internal rivals.

However, Hun Sen's ambition for power and political consolidation inevitably breeds the internal political sentiments. Recent firing of Gen. Ke Kimyan has well evidenced the intractable conflict inside the CPP. Hun Sen can say that because it is in need for military reform or because it is misbehavior of Gen. Ke Kimyan; but it is not common for the very strong bonding political party like CPP to firing someone without having proper power allocation. Hun Sen has succeeded to replace Gen. Ke Kimyan and consolidated the power by appointing many of his trustful persons into that important position.

But this internal political game will not be easily ended? So, what are the next proposals from Hun Sen to eliminate or discredit his opponents in order to legitimize his power?

The answer is to try Gen. Ke Kimyan or to seek any alternatives to use Gen. Ke Kimyan as much as he can as the tool to justify his political righteousness. When unabated issues of land grabing and other land abusing conducted by many high ranking officials cannot be solved, the case to try Gen. Kimyan is very useful. This case happened also with Heng Peo, and it is also considerable to the death of Hok Lundy. To put it in an easy way of understanding, when a group has been nastily achieving many crimes and impunity, the continuity of violence will happen inside that group. It naturally happens like that because the stronger will not allow the weaks to destroy them first. Two bad friends cannot go along with each other when some new environments changed. So in order to live longer, one bad friend has to eliminate another bad friend in order to show that he is surely bad and all faults will fall onto the dead one. This theory is so classic!

In the meantime, communist Pol Pot has to be tried in order to legitimize Communist CPP. In the meantime, Communist Pol Pot had to be destroyed by Communist Vietnam at least by two key strategies:
  1. Push Pol Pot into ethnicity cleansing and horrific administration by the historical divorce between Communist Vietnam and Communist Pol Pot in 1968(?)
  2. Let Pol Pot disintegrate their administration through their secret agents and understanding of the political paranoia of Pol Pot. When Pol Pot's extremism policy had split out their internal members, it is a good chance for Vietnam to intervene in order raise itself as the good Communist.

Do good really come out from bad? Surely, good will never come out from good? Hun Sen's political consolidation will keep Hun Sen as the political leviathan through the trial of Gen. Ke Kimyan. But how many Leviathans there, we don't know!



Anonymous said...

Yes, this is super correct of political conflict cannot be avoided under one man showing off like in Cambodia.

son of farmer said...

My beloved Khmer elite!

Forgive me for intentionally correcting you, the quick divorce between Youn and Khmer Communist was not in 1968, if I could remember precisely, it was perhaps in the late of 1973 or early of 1974?

Khmer Young said...

Yes, we should find out some reliable reference from this

Otherwise, thank you for your correcting