Monday, February 9, 2009

Somdech Ta and the Kleptocracy in Cambodia

Today, Somdech Ta's BMD clip has intrigued my concerns. Somdech Ta has tried to show his gut in fighting against Lon Nolians, and tried to flatter those who are serving his interests.

Of course, Somdech Ta has learned nothing through recent progress of world politics particularly the appearance of globalization. Somdech Ta is still esteeming his past and revenging his eternal enemies, and boasting his current supporter regardless of what their behavior worse would be. This is very pathetic for Somdech Ta who is not only old of age, but old of vision and wisdom.

More than this, his admiring to those current Cambodian top leaders who have personally donated money for him to use for personal purposes. What is a very uneducated statement and admiration of Somdech Ta is that he has never interested the good source of those money donated by those top leaders of Cambodia. To be sure, Somdech Ta should think that is those money legal or illegal? But Somdech Ta is happy with this donation and wealth donated to him. It is truly an ugly money that good leaders will not suck blood of their own people for their own interests.

Cambodia has been listed by the international transparency as a most corrupted country. The same leaders who are clinging to power like Hun Sen and his group will exacerbate the corruption phenomena in Cambodia.

When Somdech Ta is admiring these leaders, it means Somdech Ta himself had practiced this way to gain personal accumulation in the past or present time. Somdech Ta might not interest in anti-corruption and the transparent leadership improvement for Cambodia.

Somdech Ta's statement and admiration has well illustrated the continual nepotism, patronage embedding, kleptocracy, and predatory state in Cambodia. Hun Sen has learned so well from Somdech Ta and he is continued to grab in power till his death arrives like Somdech Ta will cling to the titling as Cambodian Father until his death arrives.

How Cambodia can move forward in a very constructive way when Cambodian leaders are self-interest clinger like this?


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