Saturday, February 7, 2009

Because of Hun Sen's Ambition for Power that Why Cambodia Has No Real Peace

Cambodian people love peace and stability,
but Hun Sen himself has never satisfied with his power, so how peace and stability can be prevailed in Cambodia?

Today, according to the radios and print news, Hun Sen is ranting loudly to accuse Opposition Party as the interference to split the CPP party, or at least to spread the rumours of the internal division of CPP. In reality, Hun Sen has tried many years to weaken Chea Sim's power inside the party. In order to corner Chea Sim, Hun Sen has to cut one by one all his important hands; and Ke Kimyan has been a key target...every Cambodian know very well about this...Hun Sen cannot hide this enormous elephant in such as a small basket (personal ambition to consolidate the power).

But when the spread of division news inside CPP has gradually become clearer to the public, Hun Sen has smartly used Opposition Party as his tool to blame and indirectly intimidate Chea Sim's group. Hun Sen accuses Opposition as the spearhead of this news, and he jeopadize Opposition that he will destroy like once he destroyed Funcipec. But Hun Sen himself has to make sure in his head that, Sam Rainsy Party or DMC is not like Funcipec. First, DMC is not capable to split internal bond of CPP because DMC is pure and no members have hidden inside CPP like Funcipec whose members were largely hidding inside CPP. Second, DMC has no military base or armforce base like Funcipec. In 1997, Hun Sen rallied the troops to topple Funcipec because Funcipec was so strong in both military and political power.

So, Hun Sen's recent intimidation to caution SRP or DMC of interfering CPP is an indirect warning to Chea Sim's groups who are finally understanding the intent of Hun Sen to purge all of their groups. Today, the powerful Ke Kimyan has been sacked, tomorrow or next month, other Chea Sim's ministers will be also sacked. When the peoples have been in a luxurious and interests places, and one day it become fearful, they can not stay still and they cannot accept to die in the corner. Hun Sen himself and his team work of purging might realize this situation very well.

However, the culture of CPP is maintaining their internal face from the public first. And all the faults and accusations will fall onto opposition groups. This is a normal practice of Communist, they have learned a good strategy to defeat both of their own internal enemies and external competitors. Hun Sen has previously succeeded this strategy, but today Hun Sen might not, his desire and ambition have daily haunting his back and he has experienced a bad night dream!

What is the most pitiful one is the opposition party: Sac Min Baan Sii, Tae Ke Yok Chhgneng Mok Pjou Kor = Never eat flesh, but bone will hang them. Opposition or DMC is quiet now, the proximity of internal division of CPP can bleed opposition unavoidably. Oppostion should set up their own mechanism to protect themselves now. Hun Sen is intimidating the whole nation to make a coup deta like he achieved in 1997.

Cambodian people love peace and stability, but Hun Sen himself has never satisfied with his power, so how peace and stability can be prevailed in Cambodia?


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