Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cambodians' freedom of speech has been destroyed by propaganda

If we look back to KR's propaganda, current CPP's propaganda is the same. KR once was able to persuade huge Cambodian people to join their force through the accusing of American bombing. But it was a manipulation, it was a propaganda!

Now, Cambodian peoples are also manipulated by propaganda of CPP's members and their sympathizers. Whenever, they expressed their opposing ideas to the CPP's ideas, they are easily labeled as creating "division" inside Cambodian society. Cambodian people are still living under fear. At least three fears they are receiving everyday from CPP's propagandas through mass media such as 1. fear of civil war would happen again, 2. fear of internal division of their opposing ideas, and 3. fear of local authority who are spying them. Some Cambodian politicians stated that Cambodians are under three other fears: Khlao (unknown the reality), Khlean (poor and destitution), and Khlach (afraid of powerful CPP government). We cannot deny that Cambodia is controlled by fear or the climate of political fear.

But if we observe closely and use our deep concience, the "division" accusations are just the propaganda of CPP. For instance, Sam Rainsy who has been sharply criticized misbehaviors of some CPP's elites, and aftenly Sam Rainsy has been labeled as "division" provoker. How division by means and concepts they want to refer? Is it intellectually articulated? It is not intellectual at all, it is just a propaganda to silence the Cambodian peoeple from expressing their freedom of speech. Peoples have always expressed their diverse opinions in the free and democratic societies. So, different ideas don't exactly mean that there will be a division, but it is just a tool of development particularly the democracy development.

Eventhough a key political leader has been accused of creating "division" from his critical speech, so how about normal and general Cambodians? They will be promptly silenced from this propaganda.

In reality, though some time his speech is not relevant, Sam Rainsy has showed his courage and strong ideal to encourage Cambodian people to express and use their freedom of speech for the better of their lives and Cambodia. Sam Rainsy's speech cannot be ignorantly labeled as the cause of "division". In an intellectual idea, his idea is just a part of diversity of human being. Sam Rainsy's speech is not a cause of division leading to war or social chaos. Sam Rainsy himself has no weapons or armforce base to cause division at all. Now, all military power and police power are totally controlled by Hun Sen. Through recently armforce consolidation, what trajectory of Cambodia's future Hun Sen want to lead? Militarism, dictatorship, authoritorianism, or other types of predatory states?

Cambodian peoples should not be continually brainwashed and manipulated by political propaganda. Cambodian people should be deserved to learn in a very constructive way!


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