Monday, February 2, 2009

Samakii or Soliderity Under Hun Sen's Leadership

Hun Sen publicly stated that the aged officers should accept to retire spontenously in order to provide opportunity for younger capable generations. We cannot fully understand his speech is honestly and openly to all youths, or it is just his idea to open opportunity for his children. However, I support his idea to provide space for younger generations to show their ability to build the nation. Those younger generations also include his children as well. Children and parents are not generally same, there are some distinction inside that imitate relationship, or we can say it should be worse or better.

In this moment, I have heard Hun Sen's public speech mentioned the unity of Cambodian people to build the nation following his footsteps. I also support this idea of unity or solidarity. But how can Hun Sen articulate this unity appealing? If I am not wrong, once he frightened Cambodian people who expressed idea to oppose against Vietnam by claiming that he would produce them free is this relevant for the solidarity to follow Hun Sen?

And recently, he ranted his commune representatives at the council meeting not to get involved or having relationship with Taiwanese people. What is Hun Sen's intention to blame his citizenry in order to draw good attention from China? So, is this a good way to follow Hun Sen's solidarity appealing?

Of course, Hun Sen himself might not update the information that China and Taiwan has shook hand to mutually develop and be friend with each other. Taiwan is a rich country that their businesses in Cambodia including flights to Phnem Penh have created numerous jobs for Cambodian people.

But why Hun Sen cannot see this benefit? And why Hun Sen is good in condemning his own people, but he has always bowed down the foreigners?

What do you think?


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