Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hun Sen: a true skin of his power

As the world has been changed, the expansionist mindset like Vietnam has impregnably changed their strategy in an attempt to swallow Cambodia. The terror of the Khmer Rouge has given relevant space to Vietnam to implement their game play within Cambodia.

First, they invaded Cambodia but use the excuse of saving lives of Cambodian people.

Second, they bolster long lasting friendship with Cambodian People Party they installed through many undeniable treaties

Thirds, they have partnered develop economic through trade and investment

Fourth, they has installed the border marks along the border to show their genuine relationship to the outside world

In reality, there are many words to say, many puzzling questions for all Cambodian younger generation to do more research to explore truth which is the only factor the survival of their motherland:

- If the Khmer Rough is so brutal, do we have to succumb to the arrival of Vietnamese and give them prowess as much as we can to pay gratitude to them?

- The current government that has been installed by Vietnam to power has independently operated the country or this is just part of the make-up actor on the game-board of the expansionist?

- While Hun Sen is considered a real Khmer actor to perform the politics in Cambodia, could we search more to those rings closest to Hun Sen especially his wife and his 2 stars general Hun Manet?

Now, I would like to put aside other issues by just focusing on Hun Sen, his wife Bun Rany and his eldest Son, Hun Manet.

Lastly, I would like to once again mention the "son" of Mr. Hun Sen attending the United States Military Academy. First, this is not Hun Sen's son. This is Hun Sen's wife's son from her marriage to a Vietnamese. His background and lineage are bogus, a lie to gain entrance to an institution that prides itself in casting out any liar from its ranks. As with our Government's refusal to refer to the bloody events of July 1997, as a coup, the rules apply to everyone but Hun Sen.
This comment made by American retired major Mark A. Smith which is reliable more than the rumors and gullible made previously.

----Many years ago, I chased the current Police Chief of Cambodia around Tay Ninh Province of the then Republic of Vietnam. Though now known as Hok Lundy, he was then named Nguyen Van Son. The actual leader who asked the Vietnamese to intervene was Pen Sovan. He, of course, fell from power and was jailed in Vietnam when the relative of his wife, Pham Van Dong, lost out to the the relative of the wife of Hun Sen; Do Moi. Before this event, Hun Sen was only number 8 in the leadership sponsored by Vietnam.The reason the U.S. Government did not recognize the Government installed by Vietnam was not because it supported the Khmer Rouge, but because true Cambodians had little or no say in that Government and little now.
Actually, two dynasties of Vietnam in an attempt to swallow Cambodia has been in conflict. The dynasty of Pham Van Dong was failed as his make-up actor, Pen Sovann, was sacked and he was lucky to be jailed entire life because of his son-in-law status to Phan Van Dong. The Le dynasty of Le Duch Tho has taken over Cambodia by marrying his former wife, Bun Rany (alias Som Heang) to Hun Sen, and able to retain his son Hun Manet to the current powerful status. The reliable description by Mark A. Smith can be found here: http://www.rossie.com/camboddebate.htm 

Reading this article, we can realize some aspects on the transferring of power is not by the power itself but by the implanting of cell blood into Hun Sen's body. While his actual son has been distorted, Hun Sen has been painfully accepting his foster son from his wife, Bun Rany (alias Som Heang) to his family life. As the powerless emerging leader like Hun Sen, he has no choice but accept all prowess from Le Doch Tho to hold this provision strongly.

More to come....



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