Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hun Sen was ranting in front of his foes, the Law Students

If you happened to be involved with Law School students, you will realize that all students here have strongly opposed lawless leadership of Mr. Hun Sen. By eye-blinking of those graduates being chaired the ceremony by Hun Sen, the students are laughing silently in their heart on political rhetoric and senseless vocal of Mr. Hun Sen this time.

Remember that from past to present, the CPP spent a lot of money and manpower to lure Law School students not to oppose their criminal acts and fraudulent leadership. Among those crimes and fraudulence that Law School students have interested are CPP's puppet-ness, killing many patriotic Cambodians, and lawlessness of this government.

Now, the DMNR or Democratic Movement for National Rescue has treated Hun Sen's power badly and he must come out to unleash his words in order to lure all CPP's members who see this movement is soundable for next election as well as more 50% of Cambodian voters will vote this new movement...Hun Sen must be so exhausted on this while the target to NEC for dismantling and re-creating again enforced by the movement and the international communities including ASEAN surely intensifying the loss of election of the CPP in this coming 2013 election.

 Regarding arresting Mr. Mom Sonando, Hun Sen government is grabbing fire in his hand. It is the nature of dictator "to stir the water in order to catch the fish". For the pure practice of law and court procedures, everyone must be aware and absorbed that the accused as criminal couldn't be treated as the witness. It is a criminal to treat those criminal accused as witness in the public!!

 But for Mr. Hun Sen and his lawless government, the event in Kratia with the accusation of creating suzerainty or autonomy inside a state is joke and the world is laughing at. It was made by the government in order to arrest Mom Sonando who has vividly criticized the misbehavior of Hun Sen, his clans and the government. Importantly, the progress of Democratic Association in installing network throughout Cambodia is a threat to dictator...and yes, it has happened to every dictator that the fear of falling their power is not from something else beside of "people power".

 As a note, any group that has potential in organizing mass, dictator Hun Sen will dismantle by killing, arresting or delegalizing them. For instance, the killing of Chut Wutty because he can manage and organize the bottom-line people especially those living along the forest and mountains.

 What else Hun Sen can unleash his words? It is the sensitive border treaties and border demarcation with Vietnam which have been initiated and game played by his boss. By the advising of Mr.Var Kimhong, Hun Sen will try his best to tell Cambodian people via his monopolistic media that the installing border marks are to make permanent poles of the border, making friends and maintain long lasting friendship with neighbor especially Vietnam who helped save lives of Cambodian people (of course save Hun Sen's power and his family who are living like heaven at the expense of Cambodian poors and bottom-line people).

What else will Hun Sen rant to manipulate Law School students and Cambodian people? - Constructing those roads and bridges with huge debts younger Cambodians like me and everyone to pay off or what? Development for the riches, the poors become poorers or what? Or Hun Sen's leadership and CPP's government is imitating Ly Guan Yu of Singapore? - I can tell you, Mr. Hun Sen and your brainless advisers, you cannot imitate Singapore at all because since you started your government, your present implementation and your future goal, are far different from Singapore.

Khmer Young

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