Sunday, January 6, 2013

January 7 day is Denounced by the Cambodian Youths

Cambodia is known as a Land of Wonder. The Khmer Rouge regime (1975-1979) who was the by-product of Vietcong communist of South East Asia slaughtered 1/4 of Cambodian population. The same Vietcong communist performed as the savior of Cambodia on January 7, 1979.

During their decades of occupation, this Vietcong communist slaughtered Cambodians, plundered its national assets, plan long term political scenario, infiltrated and grew Vietnamese population within Cambodian soil freely.

 Paris Peace Agreement on October 23, 1991 tended to end the influence and imperialistic plan of Vietcong communist. But the mission of the UNs was partly successful, and 80% of the mission was failed and it has only helped to empower the Vietcong communist to play its invasion game within Cambodian soil. -->

As the matter of fact, many Vietcong cadres are in power nowadays. Counting from Prime Minister, chair of parliament, senators, top police officers and provincial governors etc. are former of Vietcong communist. The Westward strategy of Vietnam to swallow Cambodia as well as to counter-strike the powerful China are presently swimming quietly underneath the current global movement within Cambodian soil.

 The former Vietnamese soldiers, agents, special forces and civilians etc. are happily living inside Cambodia land and they can mobilize their relatives to live in Cambodia freely. The Westward influx of Vietnamese illegal immigrants to Cambodia are unchecked by the Cambodia immigration department and they are facilitated by the Vietnamese networks in Cambodia to resettle freely within Cambodia's land which population density is only 77.4 per sq. km. comparing to triple density of Vietnam of 274.5 per sq. km. 

 As a young Cambodian, I see this population growing within Cambodian soil freely is a devastation to this land and its survival. System of national election especial current NEC in Cambodia is just a show to facilitate win-win strategy of Vietcong communist led by Ho Chi Minh. The installing scenario of its clientele like the current CPP, the close guarding of all political policies, the mechanism to win all election mandates, and the continuing flowing in of illegal Vietnamese population to Cambodia land without properly checked by the authority, is a violation of international law and it is a sever danger to this nation.

We would like to call for your attention:

  1. This January 7, 2013 day will be celebrated by the Youth on the invasion of Vietcong communist to Cambodia and denounce its mission to maintain its status quo in order to continually devastate this land. 
  2. To collect all accurate information regarding Vietnamese networks, former Vietnamese agents, and illegal Vietnamese immigrants who are freely living in Cambodia soil at the present. 
  3. To ask for all kinds of help and cooperation from all Cambodian people to disclose, publicize and comment on all but not limit to the population invasion and illegal settlement of Vietnamese within Cambodian soil at the present. 
You can send us email, photos and information so that we can edit and publish through our networks. Email:

I frankly ask for your help and cooperation.

In Solidarity,

Khmer Young

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