Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mr. Sar Kheng is like Mr. Hun Sen, both are holding fake power

Opinion of Khmer Youth;

Policy of planting population as the key cells in achieving its goal is the priority that Vietnam government has attentively undertaken. Both Cambodia and Lao have faced new challenges of many Vietnamese population are settling in their land freely and anarchically.

In Cambodia, the 9 years of colonialization between 1979 to 1989, Vietnam achieved its primary plan to ensure that their population are strongly locating throughout this land. Including installing its uneducated puppet in power under the strict assistance of security guards and mechanism to win election; Vietnam plan is very civilized and modernized. It has concealed itself from the eyes of international law.


I listened Mr. Sar Kheng's interview with RFI today with extreme concern. He is not different from Hun Sen who loves power, incapable to discard Vietnam's political game and afraid of personal security. Mr.Sar Kheng at least must comprehend about the Vietnamese networks in Cambodia and he cannot conceal this truth: Vietnamese population is increasingly living in economic zones entire Cambodia such as bus stations, Tonle Sap lake and police head quarters every province are controlled by former Vietnamese soldiers. If Mr. Sar Kheng is capable in his present power, he should allow Cambodian security guards to safeguard the entrance doors of the Ministry of Interior, not the Vietnamese security guards like nowadays. For Hun Sen, can bow down in front of Vietnamese people or he can lick their urine any time if ordered come to him.

With the new trend of globalization, the powerful Vietnamese network cells have urged their public networks such as Press and Quick Reaction Unit and the comment in here to use new language that can fabricate Cambodian people under the strict control of the mass media.

Of course, the opposition party is lacking its media instrument to discloses truth to Cambodian people. It needs more effort, simple message and reliable research such as the secret network and agents of Vietnam in Cambodia in order to disclose to the public for the change of their votes for this upcoming election 2013. Saying that, the NEC is a big barrier in taking victory from secret network of Vietnam in Cambodia. The NEC must be dismantled. If not so, opposition must ensure that the result of this upcoming election of 2013 must be illegitimate by of the NEC is not neutral.

Khmer Young  

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