Thursday, May 29, 2014

CNRP is likely lacking efficient measure to maintain supporters from outside the country

CNRP which is born by the combining between SRP and HRP has seen been survived by the Cambodian abroad to inject money for its political movement. SRP for instance, has survived because of many generous Cambodians living abroad who love democracy and human rights, have tremendously and continuously donated money to support this democratic party.

Political analysts believe that CPP can not subdue democratic movement in Cambodia, if CPP cannot stop the donation from Cambodians abroads. This is one of the important political tactic for CPP to win over democratic party in Cambodia as this party has been gradually seen by the Cambodian people and international observers as a communist party, not a democratic party.

Hence, the combination of two, CNRP, gained its momentum and in just one year old, this party has become the front line opponent of CPP. However, this one year old born baby must learn and prepare many things to compete with the CPP. One of its important policy is to strengthen support-based agents among Cambodians abroads. But recent change through the inconsistent guidelines for abroad supporters is in doubt of destroying its supporting base rather than embodying a long-sighted policy.

According to the sources I received from public domains:

  • There is an official letter to create CNRP-NA immediately after CNRP was created
  • Later, there is an issuing of CNRP Guideline for overseas supporters to follow
  • And to affirm its direct power to enforce the overseas supporters, there is a letter of appointment of an ad hoc committee to mediate all conflicts
  • But it seems there is an upcoming guideline/enforcing letter in which the strongest and oldest supporting network of CNRP officially created CNRP-NA has issued its worrisome and standing in unity for all inconsistent guideline(s) which are erroneous, detrimental and devastating to the supporters in foreign countries especially this strongest and oldest supporting network. (Please, read all photos attached here for your further information).
  • Thus, CNRP especially its two prominent leaders, must not issue erroneous letter that can power-abused to the existing letters and the existing supporting networks.  

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