Thursday, September 11, 2014

CPP is using the same trick to demolish democrats

After joining with CPP in the parliament, CNRP has become "shadow" of CPP to face off with all protests and injustice Cambodian people within their networks and community. As noted:

  • CNRP's task forces in the parliament committees are working to deal with people of land grabs and injustice while the root of power are still resting in the grip of CPP. CNRP couldn't pressure or bring those land grab tycoons to justice in the past, but right now, CNRP is trying to show its ability through the arm-less parliamentary mechanism. How this scene can be prevailed at the end? The popularity will be handed to CNRP or CPP?
  • CPP has been using their similar tactic during their successful effort to demolish FUNCIPEC. The arm-forces, policemen and security guards are at the same tasks: to threaten, to arrest, to ban, to humiliate, to divide, to injure, to imprison, and to kill. 
  • Hun Sen is a warrior, he is not a politician. 
  • CPP has been effectively using "carrot and stick" approach to marginalize, to amputate, to divide, to neutralize, and to permanently hypnotize its opponents. 
  • CNRP is at the cross road of handling both: internal strength and external fanatics. Internally speaking, the group of HRP is still retaliating the group of SRP whom once competed with each other to lure $$$ from Khmers overseas to pocket its own agendas. This important grassroots spoiling is not a joke, but a real challenge to build sustainable future of the CNRP as well as the overall democrats. 
As a recommendation, the aggressive CPP has hardly experienced to bring its back popularity but this party just let their militarism tactic floating on the nonstopped flow, the CNRP's agents who are not honest, including the loose structure of internal administration of the CNRP, both shall engage in a large inflammation to the death end of democratic struggling in Cambodia.

As a tip, the CNRP must act honestly as the "loyal opposition" as stated. Everyone must adhere to this principle. None of the CNRP's parliamentary member and leader is allowed to be greedy, selfish and ignorant within this ring. Internal rules must be strict and decisive on those negligent.


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