Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sam Rainsy, Hun Sen, NEC, and Political Game in Cambodia

Sam Rainsy has been so brave to play politics in wild environment of Cambodia. In Cambodia, I guarantee, if we don't have a strong and brave opposition leader like Sam Rainsy, Cambodia will be easily falling into absolute dictatorship. Now, Cambodia is led by absolutist as well, but it is better because there is still having opposition party.

However, Sam Rainsy's political rhetoric should be adjusted and spoken in a more productive way, don't follow or imitate Hun Sen's unproductive political rhetoric.

Sam Rainsy perceived well that NEC's lawsuit against him is just politically oriented one. And he stated several times that those amount of money is not huge for him as he has always donated for social charity more than that. But he has waited to see that how NEC will play its neutral role. So, this case shows us again, the evidence that, NEC is not neutral at all.

Second thing is the major voice of assembly. Assembly exists only physical appearance, but inside that assembly power is controlled by one-man absolutist. Hun Sen intimidated Sam Rainsy and assembly followed Hun Sen's like a very clever dog.

Like I mentioned previously, Cambodia's political game of election and assembly are just the "clown" of Hun Sen's power thirst. It is not better off to develop democracy at all. Hun Sen himself has no willingness to develop anything better if his own power thirst is not facilitated for him. Of course, only Hun Sen and his cronies who want Cambodia to move in this way. There are many other CPP's elites, opposition parties, and Cambodian peoples who are wanting change, and accruing genuine democracy development for future Cambodia.

Currently, major public praise Hun Sen for his credits of stopping KR, war and facing with territorial conflict with Thailand, but if this theory shows something truth about the trick of Hun Sen behind these beliefs, you might think in opposite way. I don't tell you that truth, you can figure out by your own.


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